Monday, August 8, 2011

Grand Opening of SkintStudentLife!

Welcome to SkintStudentLife! I am Hannah, and this September I will be rejoining the ranks of penniless students at University of Oregon. I graduated in UO in 2006 with a BA in English, spent 5 years figuring out what I want to do with my life, and it turns out that what I want to do with my life requires a Master's degree in Communications Disorders and Sciences. That means 3 more years of school. My BA puts me at a disadvantage for scholarships and funding, so even though I am already very used to living within my means, I'm going to have to put a lot more effort into it this time around. I have made some choices based on emotions that were financially unfavorable, and living frugally is soon to become a matter of survival, so I plan to use this blog to keep myself well disciplined. However, I still believe in voluntary simplicity and mindful anti-consumerism, so my plans for saving money aren't always going to be about the bottom line. I've got a backlog of blog posts that I've been working on, including topics like saving on school supplies, apartment hunting, and Extreme Skint Tips: slightly ridiculous ways to pinch pennies. This blog may be a little Lane County-centric or University of Oregon-centric, because that is where I will be living/studying, but I hope all readers can take away some advice that will apply to their situations.

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