Thursday, January 19, 2012

Saving on hot drinks

It's the time of year when the floods start falling from the sky and when I cannot manage to get my feet warm or dry. Oregon winter. Ugh. What makes a prolonged day on campus a little less cold and drippy? A hot cuppa! Of course, a regular mocha habit is not exactly the cheapest of indulgences, so here's how to enjoy your hot drinks on a budget.

Most important: bring a reusable mug with you to campus. I am the worst retainer of travel mugs (I broke one in a fit of rage and misplaced the other), but I am determined to hang onto the one that I got for Christmas. A travel cup is excellent for bringing drinks from home, which are infinitely cheaper than even filter coffee on campus. If you are buying on campus, every EMU run shop on campus (including the Knight library) offers a 25 cent discount to anyone who brings his or her own cup. Bonus!

If you don't have a mug of your own, but like to drink a lot and pay a little, consider buying a Giving Mug at the Duck Stop in the bookstore. They are $9.99, you get a coupon for a free drink, and you can get a 16 oz drink for the price of a 12 oz every time you use it. $1 of each sale of a mug goes to the Moss Street Children's Center to support childcare at UO.

A little trick I learned: If I bring a tea bag in my lunch, plus my travel mug, I can get hot water at the library coffeeshop for FREE, and I've got a steaming cuppa that cost me pennies instead of dollars.

Mondays and Wednesdays are usually when I find myself dragging on campus. Lucky for me, that's when the Duckstop offers $1 coffees! On Mondays, they offer a $1 12oz that has twice the caffeine of regular house coffee. I only had the supercharged drink once, but I tell you, I was a GENIUS for hours afterward! On Wednesdays, they offer $1 house coffee in any size. Travel mug discounts may not apply at the Duck Stop, because I have never been offered one when buying my $1 coffees, but that may not apply to all drinks.

In this stormy weather, let's tip back a cup of liquid sunshine on the cheap!

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